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Understanding data loss is a good start as you help us help you.

There are two classes of loss; hardware and “logical” also known as software based.

We deal mostly with software issues, but there are a number of these.

1] The table of contents of the drive, it’s file allocation table, may have become corrupted. We have tools to recover the data.

2] A virus may have corrupted the files. Again we have very good tools.

3] You may have accidentally formatted or re-partitioned the disk. Again we have tools to help.

4] Damage to the operating system; as we are programmers and have installed operating systems on hundreds (thousands?) of computers we are well versed in how to undo the damage.

Hardware problems come in a few varieties; the computer may be damaged, and in this case we can simply remove the disk, place it in a good computer and recover you data.

If the drive or media itself is damaged typically we will need to refer you to a “clean room” repair service, as they stock the necessary circuit boards and motors.  If your hard drive failed the cause is most often failed electronics or motors – the data platter itself is generally fine.  They will remove the media  and place it in a new “drive”  with working components.

Data recovery is just a part of our work. We also do full IT support for business of all sizes.

This includes:

What do NOT do while you call us

PLEASE DO NOT use the computer while you are trying to get us on the phone. Especially DO NOT save anything new! This risks overwriting good data with bad.


We NEVER charge if we cant save your data! We will be happy to give you an estimate; in general our rates to businesses is $100 an hour. But as with all computer work we often end up earning less- C’est la vie.

Who are we?

Who are we?

We are the same people who have been doing computer consulting for Long Island for 26 years. Our main website is here

What to write here?

What to write here?

You know, I like the way four boxes across looks – but I’ll be damned if I can think of anything relevant to say here. :>)

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